1105 Industrial Slider 220V A/C

1105 Industrial Slider 220v A/C

Strong, robust Industrial mechanism, for Heavy Sliding Gates.


Gate Activation: Remote Control, Transmitter, Intercom, Key Switch, Loop Detector or Keypad.
Safety Features: Current Sensing, Infrared Beam (Recommended).
LED Indication: To show gate status - Open / Closed / Running.
Auto Closing: Adjustable from 5 to 225 seconds. Temporary override facility from remote.
External Light: Output for external light for 5 minutes after activation.
Pedestrian Opening: Opens the gate for 1.5 meters and closes automatically after 5 seconds.
Manual Release: Disengages gate in event of an emergency or power failure.
Townhouse Program: Special features for extra safety in townhouse environment.
Lock out: from remote, keypad, key switch or timer to prevent entry after hours or whilst on holiday.

Technical Specifications:
Electric Motor: 220v AC 1/3hp 370watts.
Motor Speed: 1370rpm.
Starting Current: 7amps.
Running Current: 2amps.
Temperature Overload: Disconnecting motor winding over 90C.
Gear Box Ratio: 30: 1
Output Torque: 10kg / meter.
Gate Speed: 3.7 seconds per meter
Physical Size: 365 x 260 x 235
New 25mm shaft and 24 tooth pinion