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How To's - Questions & Answers

Will you allow a Hearts Surgeon to perform open heart surgery on you in pitch black darkness?

Why not? He is a surgeon after all, your GP told you so.......

Even if the Gate Motor Manufacturer refers an agent to you, don't just accept their technicians knows what they are doing. Many companies are bragging on their web sites that they have xx years experience within the company! All fair enough - how many years and how much knowledge does the technician have that is standing at your gate motor right now? Is he the surgeon, or is he the janitor?

Question: How do you know the company you are dealing with, that their technicians are fully trained, and equipped with the knowledge to repair your gate motor problem?

Answer: Ask the technical questions: find out how well does the company and staff knows the product: -

Any good technician will be able to pinpoint the problem within the first 30 seconds, and he should be able to give you sustainable technical data / info to support his findings. If not, tell him to take a hike.

Changing a p.c.board, because he "thinks" or "suspects" the p.c.board, without actual proof, or in the case of battery back up gate motors, just changing batteries, without actual testing the battery charger and visual confirmation that only the batteries are "dead". Prove your findings with a visual load test.

Driving around with a vehicle full of replacement parts (spares) & p.c.boards, DOES NOT make you a good technician, the parts or boards have no meaning to anyone if the technician does not have the knowledge of the product.

Question: What is the most important tool / equipment the techniccian should have in his hands the moment he opens the gate motor?

Answer: A Multi- meter: - and the knowledge on how to use it properly.

Other Questions to ask:

What is the maximum weight this gate motor can work with?

What is the maximum lenght this gate motor can work with?

How does the p.c.board drive the gate motor?

Which functions is available on the p.c.board, ask also how the functions work?